Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Start the Year Off Right - Proper Nutrition for Your Healthy Smile

With New Year’s right around the corner, you are probably considering your upcoming 2015 resolutions. While some resolutions are a big undertaking, it’s not hard to resolve to eat healthier to achieve a healthier smile. We care about your smile and your long-term oral health. And, with a growing body of evidence connecting oral health and overall health, you can feel confident that eating healthier will benefit your smile and your overall well-being.

What does proper nutrition mean? The answer is: several things. Resolving to improve your nutrition means taking stock of your overall eating habits. This will ensure your daily intake includes a healthy number of calories. For men, the number of calories per day should range between 2,000 and 3,000 depending on age, height, activity level, etc. For women, the range is 1,600 to 2,000 per day. And, for children, the range is 1,000 to 2,000 calories per day. But proper nutrition means a lot more than caloric intake. It also involves looking at what those calories are comprised of. Are you eating foods from all of the basic food groups? Are you getting enough protein? Is your fruit and vegetable intake high enough? Are you consuming too many empty calories…foods that taste good, but offer little nutritional value?

Most people are aware that eating healthy, balanced foods will go a long way in trying to stay healthy. What most people do not know, however, is that eating healthy can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease, important news when you are trying to make sure you have a beautiful and healthy smile. Generally, speaking, good nutrition is good for your total health, and that includes your oral health. Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grain foods and nuts will help your body sustain a more alkaline state. This will help protect you against inflammation and attacking bacteria, which can help protect your gums and teeth. These foods strengthen immunity with their many nutrients and natural antioxidants.

Foods that may make you more prone toward an acidic state, which increases bacteria and inflammation, are those with refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, food coloring, artificial preservatives or sweeteners, and partially hydrogenated oils.  We know everyone enjoys an occasional indulgence, foods such as these are one to limit in your diet.

As you work toward a healthier diet, look for these foods or clues to foods to know you are making a good, healthy choice…

►Fresh, crisp fruits and raw vegetables help remove plaque from teeth and freshen breath while providing an array of vitamins and nutrients. They protect gums and other cells within the body from damage and bacterial infections.

►Boost your bones with calcium-fortified juices, milk and other dairy products. They are high in calcium and vitamin D. They help reduce the risk for tooth loss.

►Fresh cranberries are now known to stop bacteria from sticking to teeth before it can form plaque, preventing damage before it starts.

►Folic acid is vital for pregnant women and their growing babies. It aids in cell growth throughout the entire body and supports a healthy mouth. Eating dark, leafy vegetables will give you a tasty supply. Avocados, asparagus and spinach are three top sources of folic acid.

Did you know that when you eat is also important to promoting good oral health? “How is this possible?” you might ask. Foods requiring a long time to chew or that you keep in your mouth (such as gum or sucking candies) hold sugar against teeth longer which may result in damage. These are ones to limit in your diet.

For those who want to have some foods known to be high in carbohydrates, acidic or sugary, try not to snack on these foods. Instead, eat them during meal times. During meal time, your body produces more saliva, which will wash away more harmful acids, thus, protecting your teeth from. Remember to avoid sweet, sticky foods that can stick to your teeth. These offer no benefit to your mouth or your body. Try dental smart snacks such as cheese, nuts, raw vegetables, fruits and yogurt.

Last, but certainly not least, remember to drink lots of water throughout the day. In addition to hydrating the cells in the body, water helps keeps your mouth moist, stimulating saliva. This protects both oral tissues and keeps your mouth fresher.

Small steps are all it takes to walk your body toward better oral health. With a healthier mouth and body, and a brighter smile, you will be happy you did!

Happy New Year!

Dr. Ari Druz
and the team at PM Dental Care

Monday, November 24, 2014

You Don’t Need to be Afraid of the Dentist!

Overcoming Anxiety Related to Dental Care

For millions of people, visiting the dentist can produce anxiety and stress that can keep them from routine dental care and even prevent them from seeing a dentist when experiencing mouth pain. Experts estimate that more than 20% of the population experiences enough emotional discomfort to avoid the dentist unless they are in significant pain. 5-10% experience a significant enough dental phobia to avoid the dentist completely.
Proper dental care is more than simply a check-up or having a bad tooth extracted. Dentists work with patients to avoid or treat gum disease, a condition that, if left untreated, can lead to serious medical problems. In other words, visiting your dentist regularly is more than a nicety…it is a necessity for good health.
So how do you get to the dentist when you fear the visit? Fortunately, many dentists have been trained in handling patients who are experiencing fear related to their dental care. There are many techniques and tools for reducing any discomfort and ensuring a successful visit for the patient.
At PM Dental Care, in Mineola, LI, we want your dental experience to be a positive one. That’s why we make every effort to ensure your comfort.  We explain every step of the process, to avoid any surprises. And, we check with you at every stage to make sure you are ready for the next steps.
If you are someone who suffers from dental phobia, do some research…ask friends or others who you trust for a recommendation. Go visit the office before your appointment. You can even ask to meet the dentist first to make sure you get a good feeling from him or her.  An eye to eye conversation can be very helpful before sitting in the dental chair. At your appointment, you may try several techniques to keep calm – from deep breathing exercises to listening to music to focusing on an image that calms you (bring a favorite photo with you) – there is an array of self-soothing techniques to help you through the experience.
And, for those, who need to ‘sleep’ through the procedure or check-up, we have a dental anesthesiologist on staff, who can offer sedation therapy. He can help determine the best choice for you and for the procedure you need. Whether you need anesthesia, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or IV sedation, we can accommodate you. Once the procedure is over, you will awaken to find your procedure is over and you are better than alright!
Avoiding dental phobia is yet another reason to begin bringing small children to the dentist. Children who see their dentist twice annually from a very young age come to know the dentist as someone on their side in staying healthy, just like their pediatrician. In developing a relationship with the dentist early on, children can avoid the issue of dental phobia from ever beginning. If your child is over two years of age and has never gone for a check-up, or it has been more than six months since your child’s last visit, one should consider making an appointment.
Dental phobia is a serious issue. But there are many solutions and one will be right for you. So be sure to get your check-ups taken care of…the dentist is really there to help!

Have a great day and a bright smile!

Monday, November 10, 2014

It's A Launch!!
PM Dental Care & Integrative Cardiology Center of LI Celebrate Grand Opening with Ribbon Cutting and Reception

It was a great evening for PM Dental Care and Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island as the ribbon was cut for the official Grand Opening for their newly opened practices on October 30, 2014.

"We're happy to introduce our practices to the community and thank those who have been instrumental in welcoming us to the community," said Dr. Ari Druz, owner of PM Dental Care. "The ribbon-cutting ceremony for both PM Dental Care and Integrative Cardiology Center of LI marks the launch of a longtime dram of mine and my wife, Dr. Regina Druz, in bringing patient-centered care and practices in both dentistry and cardiology to Nassau County."

Both practices reside in a newly renovated office located at 121 Jericho Turnpike in Mineola, New York, which was the location for the ribbon cutting and grand opening reception. Guests included Mayor Scott Strauss, who presented the physicians with a proclamation and welcomed them to the Village, President Bill Green, incoming President Tony Lubrano, and several members of the Mineola Chamber of Commerce, an array of Long Island and New York City based physicians, and members of the Long Island business community.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

PM Dental Care – Comprehensive Dental Care for You and Your Family

We often get the question, “The name of the practice is PM Dental Care….does that mean you are only open at night or for emergencies?” We want you to know we are 9am to 9pm for complete dental care for you and your family.
So, what does complete care mean? Complete care is the philosophy of PM Dental Care. It defines how and why we do everything we do for our patients. It starts with regular dental maintenance…a check-up, x-rays, and a conversation with the dentist about your daily dental routine and any questions or concerns you may have.
Complete care means bringing your children in for a first check-up at age two. We will work with you and your little ones to make sure good dental habits are developed and fears don’t set in. Don’t worry if your child is older and has yet to be seen by a dentist. Our team will do everything possible to ensure your child is at ease when coming in for his or her very first visit (and every visit thereafter!).
Looking at your long-term needs is also part of complete care. Are you concerned that your smile is not as bright as it once was? Do you have a cracked tooth that needs a crown? Are you someone whose smile would be enhanced by veneers? Our dental team can discuss these questions and many others with you. They will help you find solutions to best meet your goals for your smile and dental health, and that fit your wallet.
Complete care means helping those with dental fears to have their dental needs met in a way that will sooth their fears. Our anesthesiologist on staff has worked with hundreds of people who needed assistance to have the proper care for their mouth performed. His compassion and expertise combine to choose the perfect method for each patient.
Complete care means being available when you need us. That’s why we have hours from 9am to 9pm, 7 days per week. We understand that everyone has commitments to attend to – work, family, community …the list goes on. And it is not always possible to get from place to place by 5pm. Our late hours mean you can take care of your responsibilities AND your dental health…without the stress of rushing!
And, complete care means being available when you have an emergency. If you have mouth pain – whether from an injury, infection, broken tooth, or any other reason – our dental team can treat you the same day at our office. And a visit to the office can usually help you avoid an unnecessary trip to the Emergency Room.
Our goal at PM Dental Care is to offer you excellent, gentle care for all phases of your dental health needs. Visit us at www.PMDentalCare.com to learn more about our ultramodern office, our services, and our staff, and how we can be there to offer complete care for you and your family.
Wishing you bright smiles!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Dentistry When You Need it Most

Welcome to the first blog post for PM Dental Care. We hope you will find our updates timely, practical and helpful for you and your family. It is our goal to help you develop and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile, so please feel free to send in your questions and we will try to answer them in upcoming posts. Over the weeks and months ahead, we will discuss topics from basic dental care (and good nutrition to sustain your dental health) to difficult dental issues that may arise.

PM Dental Care is an ultramodern dental practice located in the heart of Nassau County, NY. We strive to bring our patients the best in all aspects of dentistry - routine maintenance, general dental needs, emergent care, and cosmetic dentistry - whenever they need it most - during the day, in the evening, and on the weekend. We understand dental emergencies happen at any time of day or night and that work schedules and other commitments sometimes require odd times for appointments. After all, life happens. That’s why our caring and talented team of dentists and dental staff are here to serve you from 9am to 9pm, seven days per week, as well as off hours for emergent care.

Though our practice offers patients comfort, the latest in technology, and skilled medical care, we feel that is simply not enough…and that is why we started this blog….we want to bring you tips, thoughts, and trends to help you sustain or improve your oral health.

So look for updates on everything from the latest techniques in tooth whitening to which tooth brush is the most effective;  from options for anesthesia during treatment to when to bring your child in for his or her first check-up.  We welcome your comments on each post and, of course, suggested topics about which you would like to read.

This blog is produced by PM Dental Care, LLC. a full service dental practice, located in Mineola, NY. For more information on our dental providers, services offered or how to get to our office, please contact www.PMDentalCare.com or call (516) 746-1111.